Introducing The iTwitter Tab (free)
for your iGoogle page

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The iGoogle iTwitter Tab instantly creates a personal "Twitter Workbench" for maximizing your Twitter productivity directly within iGoogle. Once the iTwitter Tab is adopted you may login to your Twitter account from iGoogle, add customizations, and move gadjets around if you like. iTwitter Tab is complimentary to Twittin' Secrets, the 100 Twitter Tip series by Twitter strategist, Dan Hollings.

BONUS: Twittin' Secrets #93 -100 included ONLY within the iGoogle iTwitter Tab or via the MyTwitter Toolbar. Adopt the iTwitter Tab (below) or MyTwitter Toolbar for free instant access.

iTwitter Tab
Feature Screenshots

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iTwitter Tab
Install iTwitter on iGoogle

Step 1:
Login to your Google, iGoogle, or Gmail account.

Step 2:
Click the iGoogle link below: (updated 10/14/08)


-OR- or copy/paste link below into your web browser:

Step 3:
The link above takes you to the "iGoogle tab install" page shown below. Click the "Add to Google" button.
Add to Google

Step 4:
You're Done!

How to Adopt the iTwitter Tab
Twitter Video Tutorial

iTwitter Tab
Full iTwitter iGoogle Screenshot

iTwitter Tip iGoogle Tab

Rearrange or Windowshade Gadgets

Gadget Windowshade

You may drag & drop Gadgets on your iGoogle page. Rearrange as you prefer. You may "windowshade" any gadget to increase workspace or temporarily hide a gadget.


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